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‘Tis the Season… to Express Your Appreciation

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You don’t really need a special day of the year to remind you of this, but the holidays are a wonderful time to make extra effort to express gratitude to your colleagues. Richard and I, in addition to the precious time with family, celebrated our version of Thanksgiving with our colleagues. We call it Worksgiving.Worksgiving1The idea came to us from one of our team members, Erin, and we immediately loved it! (Thank you, Erin!!) Worksgiving3 Worksgiving2

What did you do to express thanks to your colleagues? Not enough? No worries–the holiday season is officially in full effect.

Here’s your leadership challenge: Find time between now and the new year to convey your deep sense of gratitude for all that your colleagues do to enrich your business and your life. worksgiving 2014

DeEtta Jones

DeEtta Jones is an invited speaker, equity, diversity and inclusion strategy consultant and author with more than twenty years of experience working with people from around the world to on personal effectiveness and building workforce capacity.

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