Our Expert Team

Our expert team, consultants & faculty represent a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, bringing deep U.S. domestic and global experience. Our professional backgrounds include diversity and inclusion, Human Resources, organizational development, instructional design, facilitations, marketing and technology. We are seasoned consultants, facilitators, authors, designers and speakers. We are committed to each other and to our growth individually and collectively; and we are committed to creating the highest quality learning and application tools for our clients.

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DeEtta Jones
Founder and CEO
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Jennie L. Walker, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Global Leadership Development
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Maggie Cousin, Ed.D.
Vice President, Client Engagement
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Jerome Offord, Jr., Ph.D.
Chief Human Resources Officer & Senior Consultant
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Tyler Dzuba
Learning & Development Portfolio Manager & Senior Consultant
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Dana Mariani-Lada
Program Manager
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Rachael Afolabi
Senior Instructional Designer
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Lexi Seals-Johnson
Program Coordinator
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Achilles de Santana Junior
Systems and Technology
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Sarah Segura
Client Services Specialist
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Betsy Toney
Chief Financial Officer
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Jeffrey Wang
Design/Media Marketing Specialist

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The journey to building and sustaining an inclusive environment is like running a marathon. We can help you outline that path one mile, one win at a time.