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Are you looking for comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion tools to offer your association’s members? If you answered yes, look no further. We have just what you need.

The Equity Toolkit™ Association Offerings

Cultural Competency What Organizations Need to Know

Associations are the go-to source of information and resources that anticipate and respond to member needs. They provide advocacy, collective agreements that allow for reduced pricing, networking and professional development. They provide all of this and more while seeking to ensure the highest return on investment to members.

The Equity Toolkit™ is perfect for associations committed to offering robust, easily accessible and scalable equity, diversity and inclusion professional development to its members. The Equity Toolkit™ is a four-course online series that can be offered exclusively to your association’s members, and with customized learning and practical application elements that reflect your members’ unique needs both at a national or local level.

Participants will be given the tools to design and advocate for future equity, diversity and inclusion efforts while also measuring and enhancing current efforts. The courses describe some of the major pitfalls to avoid, provide guidance about the scaffolding associated with effective and sustainable approaches, and develop the cultural competence necessary for truly inclusive communities and workplaces.

Each course is offered two times per calendar year and is open to up to 500 people per group. The number of groups is determined by you.

What Our Past Participants Have Said

Testimonials DeEtta Jones & Associations

Association Responsibilities

The Association is responsible for managing the registration process, including receiving payment, for participants who wish to enroll in courses. The association gives a complete spreadsheet of names and email addresses to DeEtta Jones and Associates two-weeks prior to the launch date of the course. Up to 500 people can be enrolled in a group, and additional groups can be added based upon demand.

Are you interested in working together?

Contact us if you would like to offer Equity Toolkit™ packaged courses to your association members and receive the full benefits of dedicated equity, diversity and inclusion experts and customized professional development resources. Complete the form here or contact us at [email protected].

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