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Enhanced Learning Community Webinars

Enhanced Learning Community Webinars

 Enhanced Learning Community of Practice Webinars

Save the dates!

DeEtta Jones and Associates (DJA) is excited to launch free monthly webinars for our community. These webinars will be held every month for an hour.

The Equity Toolkit for Associations

What You Can Expect
Enhanced Learning Community
With different learning styles and busy professionals’ schedules in mind, we hope you will also use the community to access workshop resources, communicate with past participants, and download worksheets for working with your staff. DeEtta Jones & Associates will update resources as the workshop evolves over time.

In advance of each session, pre-work will be sent to you by the facilitator. Pre-work may include an article to read, video to view, questions for reflection, or questions to answer in the course Discussion section.

We are invested in ensuring that the webinars are valuable to you. Facilitators will use slides to help participants track the discussion. The slides will be shared with the entire Learning Community, even if they did not have a chance to attend the live webinar. The one-hour sessions will balance presentation of concepts/content with participant engagement. The content presented will not be an exact repeat of what was shared in the workshop, but is intended to extend the workshop learning.

Participants are encouraged to share questions, via the course Discussion section in advance of or following the webinar, or via chat or voice during the webinar.

2019 Webinar Schedule

All webinars will be held from 10:00 am-11:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Eastern.


Date Click to RSVP for Course Offered Facilitator
February 19, 2019 From Workshop to Practical Application: Let’s Share Best Practices  DeEtta Jones
March 19. 2019 The Science of Motivation Jenny Engstrom
April 19, 2019 Dialogue Circles: Build Engagement, Competence and Confidence Myra Henry
May 21, 2019 Micro-aggressions: Skills for Effectively Navigating the Complexities Myra Henry
Clarybel Pegeuro
June 19, 2019 Using Systems Thinking for the Inclusive Manager Tyler Dzuba
July 16, 2019 Practical Approaches to Participatory Decision-Making Trevor Dawes

Clarybel Pegeuro

August 20, 2019 Trust: How to Build, Nurture and Repair DeEtta Jones
September 17, 2019 Good Decisions are Good Process Tyler Dzuba
November 19, 2019 Cancelled DeEtta Jones


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