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A holistic approach to wellbeing


Are you tired of being tired? Of waking up with a stiff neck, or the headaches that seem to never completely go away? Are you able to bring your full and undivided attention to important tasks when needed? What about relationships; are you nurturing the important relationships in your life, whether in professional or personal settings? Do you get as much from your relationships as you give? Finally, do you take time for yourself, to invest in your own happiness and connect with the part of you that exists beyond the fast-paced, demanding world in which we live?

In order to be effective in any aspect of our lives, we must maintain a balance of mental, physical and emotional health. Even though this seems obvious, many of us have fragmented our lives into buckets—personal/professional, spiritual/secular, analytical/emotional. Thankfully, there is a growing awareness and desire to take a more integrative approach; one that focuses on well-being not just problem identification and solving.

The complex problems that we are trying to solve, the pace of our lives, and the ever-growing demands of our work require that we step back and consider alternative paths to build more sustainable lives, and hopefully, flourish.

When I work with clients most of our conversation begin with them giving me their version of an analytical overview of their challenges, personal desires and aspirations for their organization. The real work begins, though, when we get past the veneer, to the root causes and correlations. We often discover that many other variables are at play beyond the obvious. For example, in a recent experience with an employee who was labeled “change resistant” by her supervisor, we found that the underlying issue was the employee’s grief after losing her only child. The inability of a senior leader to galvanize momentum for a new IT platform was actually a reflection of the workforce’s lack of trust in anything introduced by the senior management. Most tragically, a vibrant and accomplished senior financial strategist chalked up her chronic fatigue and headaches to an investigation in which she was implied. By the time the investigation was done, and her name cleared, she had stage 4 breast cancer. Each of these examples illustrate how difficult, and potentially catastrophic, it can be for us to not embrace a more holistic approach to our personal and professional wellbeing.

We are multi-faceted beings; our bodies, minds and emotions still trying to adapt to the sometimes chaotic lives that many of us live. We only need to slow down and listen. Listen to your body, to your heart, to the whisper that is telling when you are out of balance.

My challenge for you today is to think about your body. Where does it hurt? Where is it stiff or weak or heavy? What are some of the possible causes and then, new choices you can make to bring yourself back into balance and let go of what is no longer serving you? For me, one of the many miracles on my own journey came in the form of a new friend, Marisa Russo. Marisa is a holistic dental hygienist who has dedicated her life to SimplyRaisingAwareness. Marisa joined me recently on DJ and Da Bear and what I learned is astonishing! Please tune in, and share your wellbeing success stories with us.

DeEtta Jones

DeEtta Jones is an invited speaker, equity, diversity and inclusion strategy consultant and author with more than twenty years of experience working with people from around the world to on personal effectiveness and building workforce capacity.

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